A footbath on a beach in Nerja. E. Cabezas
Popular Costa del Sol holiday resort changes beach showers policy
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Popular Costa del Sol holiday resort changes beach showers policy

Nerja town hall has announced that the footbaths will be turned off and only the showers on the town’s adapted beaches will be in operation

Eugenio Cabezas


Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 18:41

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Nerja town hall on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol has announced that it will be following in the footsteps of nearby Vélez-Málaga by turning off its foot showers but reopening the showers on the town’s adapted beaches, as SUR has been able to confirm.

However, the new rule has not yet been fully implemented and on Tuesday 25 June there were still many footbaths in operation on beaches including El Chucho, El Playazo and La Torrecilla. This is a U-turn for the town hall as it has decided to change the criteria with which they have been operating in recent months: from having all the footbaths in operation to closing them in favour of reopening the showers on adapted beaches.

The councillor for beaches, Mari Carmen López, explained to SUR that since last weekend workers have been disconnecting the footbaths on all the beaches and leaving only the showers adapted for people with reduced mobility, so that there will be at least one shower on each adapted beach.

As such, in areas such as Carabeíllo or Carabeo there will be no showers, as these beaches have steps to reach them. However, on the larger and more accessible beaches, such as Burriana, there will be at least half a dozen adapted showers in operation, one next to each beach bar.

Although the number has not been finalised, municipal sources have told this newspaper that in the end there will be around twenty adapted showers in operation this summer on Nerja’s beaches. Muñoz has called for the rational use of water, asking that only people with reduced mobility use the showers. "We cannot put a policeman or a security guard at every shower all the time, but we ask for rational use," she said.

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