A photo of Tokyo the chihuahua provided by Natali Carton sur.
Owner sends out plea to help find chihuahua missing after car crash in Torrox

Owner sends out plea to help find chihuahua missing after car crash in Torrox

Natali Carton's 4x4 swerved off the road as she apparently fainted while driving on the old N-340 coast road

Friday, 20 January 2023, 15:30


A Belgian resident in Torrox has sent out a plea to the general public to help find her pet dog that disappeared after a traffic accident last Tuesday.

Natali Carton, 58, who was travelling along the old-N-340 from her home in the countryside to her mother's house in Vélez-Málaga, suffered a suspected fainting spell, causing her vehicle to swerve off road into the bed of the River Güi.

The car overturned on the old N-340.
The car overturned on the old N-340. sur

She sustained injuries including significant bruising, but her main priority has been locating her puppy, a young chihuahua called Tokyo, that was in the car at the time. At 16 weeks old, Tokyo weighs approximately 900 grammes, is white and brown and has blue eyes.

"I don't know what happened to me, I don't remember anything. I must have suffered a fainting spell," she said. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

"We have tried everything, social media, going back to the local area, searching all over, but nobody has seen anything. He is very small," Carton added.

"Two years ago I lost two other chihuahuas; one got lost in the countryside and the other died of sadness," explained the owner.

Carton's friend Mari Nieves Márquez has provided her phone number - 628 512 272 - for anyone who can provide any information. Natali is offering a monetary reward for any significant information regarding pet's whereabouts.

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