The recycling project prize was awarded to Las Naciones primary school in Vélez-Málaga. SUR
Costa del Sol primary school awarded first prize for Harry Potter-inspired recycling project

Costa del Sol primary school awarded first prize for Harry Potter-inspired recycling project

Pupils at Las Naciones were the winners of Vélez-Málaga town hall's first creative recycling competition, which promotes the reuse of materials to encourage zero waste

Eugenio Cabezas


Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 12:13

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Las Naciones primary school in Vélez-Málaga on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol has won first prize in the town’s first creative recycling competition, organised by the council.

The winning project is called 'Harry Potter' and according to head teacher Lourdes Fernández, the competition “encourages pupils and raises awareness of recycling, reusing and giving a new use to everything”. She went on to say, “It is true that the 'Harry Potter' project was very ambitious and multidisciplinary because it was for the whole year and for all the pupils. And since January, with Peace Day, we have been giving life and life to the project.”

Fernández added, “During cultural week, as good magicians the pupils created their own magic materials, their brooms, their wands, their socks, all the items that appear throughout the film and that we have been making to participate in carnivals and different classroom activities.”

Councillor for the environment Rocío Ruiz presented the prize to the school on Monday 17 June. She said, “Las Naciones has presented a very nice and interesting project to win the first creative recycling contest, within the Environmental Education Programme to mark Environment Day, which is celebrated on 5 June.”

Ruiz also congratulated the other participating schools and hopes that in future many more will join this competition. "We would also like to thank Los Olivos primary school and Salvador Rueda secondary school who have participated and have shown their recycling projects."

The councillor ended her statement by saying, "It is important to raise awareness from an early age that recycling and the environment is important for our future. We have to take care of our planet and the first step must be taken in education, in the classroom and through teachers and books.”

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