Man accused of suffocating his wife to death in Antequera jailed without bail
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Man accused of suffocating his wife to death in Antequera jailed without bail

The woman was found unresponsive in a ditch at the back of their house by a neighbour after the alleged suspect raised the alarm

Juan Cano


Tuesday, 9 July 2024

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A man accused of suffocating his partner to death in Antequera has been sent to prison and denied bail.

The 62-year-old Spanish man went before a judge at the Antequera Magistrate's Court over the alleged case of domestic violence against his wife, a 50-year-old Cuban woman, and was remanded in custody.

The alleged perpetrator was the one who raised the alarm after alerting a neighbour when he noticed his wife was unresponsive on the night of Friday 5 July in the Partido Alto area.

The neighbour attempted to give first aid to the victim, but she remained unresponsive and he phoned the 112 Andalucía emergency service. Paramedics and National Police arrived at the scene and pronounced the woman dead. They observed she had clear signs of asphyxia due to suffocation.

Police officers identified the woman's partner as the main suspect in the crime. The couple, who started a relationship in 2010, lived on a family farm they shared with the man's mother and brother.

National Police officers have not yet been able to determine the spark for the crime, but have confirmed that they were unhappy together. The detained man is being investigated for homicide, the High Court of Justice of Andalucía (TSJA) confirmed.

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