A boat used for cleaning the coastline of the western Costa del Sol. SUR
Almost 80% of the waste collected from the sea on the Costa del Sol in June was plastic

Almost 80% of the waste collected from the sea on the Costa del Sol in June was plastic

Authorities are calling on beachgoers to play their part and take better care of the environment during this busy summer season

María Albarral


Tuesday, 9 July 2024, 12:06

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Another special flotilla of boats has been launched to keep the coastline of the Costa del Sol clean during the busy summer season for holidaymakers.

The cleaning service at sea is operated by the Mancomunidad which is a public consortium offering shared services to 11 municipalities on the western stretch of Malaga province: Benahavís, Benalmádena, Casares, Estepona, Fuengirola, Istán, Manilva, Marbella, Mijas, Ojén and Torremolinos.

The clean-up campaign started in the second half of June and during this period a total of 22.75 cubic metres of waste was collected.

Plastics collected amounted to 17.81 cubic metres, 78.28% of the total. The remaining 1.77m3 was wood, 1.34m3 of algae and 0.10m3 was fatty matter. There was "an increase which has been observed in what is commonly known as 'natas', which are actually microscopic clays, without the slightest risk to health".

Manuel Cardeña, president of the Mancomunidad, called on the public to take extreme care of the ecosystem, avoiding throwing plastic objects into the water or onto the sand "because, ultimately, caring for the environment is everyone's responsibility".


By municipalities, a total of 2.57 cubic metres was collected in Benalmádena, 0.40 in Casares, 3.21 in Estepona, 3.03 in Fuengirola, 1.57 in Manilva, 6.30 in Marbella, 3.03 in Mijas and 2.57 in Torremolinos.

The Mancomunidad has invested 635,312.15 euros in maintaining the quality of coastal waters in 2024. The service consists of the commissioning of a total of 15 boats, four coastal and 11 beach vessels, for the collection of floating or semi-submerged waste.

These vessels also analyse the water, especially at those points close to the underwater outfalls. This data will then be analysed with strategies established to enhance water quality.

The cleaning service operates every day of the week from 8am until 4pm during the high season.

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