Aemet activates weather warning for freezing temperatures in Malaga

Aemet activates weather warning for freezing temperatures in Malaga

Malaga Airport on the Costa del Sol has registered its lowest minimum temperature since the start of winter with 4.7C this Tuesday morning, 24 January



Tuesday, 24 January 2023, 10:40


The cold will continue to dominate weather forecasts across practically the whole of Spain in the coming days and Andalucía will not escape the polar and dry air mass that will leave the region with average maximum temperatures ​​between 8 and 15C and minimums below 0 degrees.

In fact, Spain's weather agency, Aemet, has already activated warnings for low temperatures in some Andalusian provinces, including Malaga.

This Tuesday morning, the Cuenca del Genil, Guadiz and Baza areas, in Granada province, were on yellow alert (until 10 in the morning) due to low temperatures; while, in Cordoba, the Campiña area was in the same situation.

Yellow warning

In Malaga province, Aemet has activated the yellow warning for tomorrow Wednesday, 25 January, in the Antequera area due to lows of -4 degrees, during the early morning and early hours of the day.

Today, Tuesday, the low temperatures remain in the province and the humid wind from the east further increases the sensation of cold in the coastal areas, José Luis Escudero pointed out in his SUR blog Tormentas y Rayos. According to the weather expert, Malaga Airport has registered the lowest minimum since the beginning of winter with 4.7C this morning. In addition, he points out that in many parts of the Ronda and Antequera areas, the minimum temperatures have been below zero. As for the maximum for today, the thermometers will peak at around 14 degrees.

Worst is yet to come

Escudero has once again reiterated the probability of snowfall above 600 metres, which is even more likely with the rain that fell this morning in areas such as Benalmádena and Marbella.

But the worst is yet to come. Juan de Dios del Pino, Aemet’s territorial delegate for Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, said that although the weather will be stable, this week will be marked by an anticyclone that "ends south of the Scandinavian mainland" and its location means "that a mass of cold and dry air will enter Spain” later in the week.

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