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What weather can we expect in the south of Spain this week?

What weather can we expect in the south of Spain this week?

Thursday will be day with the lowest temperatures in Andalucía, according to the Aemet weather agency



Tuesday, 24 January 2023, 08:53

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The low temperatures will continue to be felt across this week in Andalucía, especially on Thursday, due to the location of an anticyclone that will cause a mass of cold and dry air to enter the Spanish mainland that will leave maximum values of ​​between eight and 15 degrees Celsius, and minimums that will be below zero degrees in some parts of the region.

Juan de Dios del Pino, the Aemet national weather agency delegate for Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, explained that this week the weather will be stable and is defined by an anticyclone that "ends south of the Scandinavian mainland" and its location "will cause a mass of cold and dry air to enter Spain”.

However, he pointed out that "there is a storm in Italy, Hannelore, which - until Wednesday - could bring showers to parts of the region from Cadiz to Almería". He added that another band of cloud will enter through the Atlantic on Thursday and that "as it crosses the mainland it will lose activity", but it is not ruled out that it could reach the south and "result in rain in the Betic mountain ranges, which could bring snow at points above 700 metres, although a small amount".

Friday and Saturday

Looking ahead to Friday and Saturday, the weather expert indicated that "little cloudiness is expected" but on Sunday "there could be an increase, with the probability of showers on the Mediterranean coast."

As for the maximum temperatures, they will be relatively low for this time of year both inland and in the Mediterranean coast areas, but "they will not be exceptional". The same will also happen with the minimum temperature, "with widespread frosts in the eastern mountains, but also in the Valle del Pedroche, the Sevillian northern sierra and the Sierra de Ronda”. In addition, Del Pino indicated that on Thursday, which "will be the coldest day", these frosts could occur at moderate levels.

Del Pino said that in these places the minimum will be below zero degrees, and in places that "are not high as the Guadalquivir Valley, maximums will be reached around 12 to 15 degrees Celsius, and minimums above two or three degrees, and at times one, like Thursday at the Seville airport, where values ​​of 1.4 degrees will be reached.


This Tuesday, 24 January, the maximum temperature will be 14 degrees in Malaga and Almería provinces, nine in Jaén or ten in Granada, where the minimum will be in negative values. On Wednesday, the maximums will rise a little, up to 15 degrees, in Malaga, Almeria and Huelva.

On Thursday, Jaén will register daytime temperatures around eight degrees, Granada over ten and Cordoba about 13. The minimums will drop below zero degrees in Córdoba again.

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