British writer shares his passion for Seville, a city that lured him

Tony Bryant, at his home in Torremolinos.
Tony Bryant, at his home in Torremolinos. / SUR
  • SUR in English reporter and flamenco expert Tony Bryant has released his fifth book on a Spanish theme, this time focusing on the Andalusian capital

Journalist and author Tony Bryant has lived in Torremolinos for more than 25 years, although a large part of him is trapped inland. After years of visiting Seville and its surrounding towns, drawn by his passion for the world of flamenco, the SUR in English reporter has recently published his latest book related to Spain: Seville. A City of Marvels.

This is Tony's fifth book on a Spanish theme, his previous works including a trilogy on the art of flamenco. A former rock drummer from South London, he is considered an authority on flamenco and specialises in the genealogy of the large gypsy clans in the provinces of Seville and Cadiz.

His latest book moves away from the flamenco culture, however, and focuses on Seville, a city which has played an important role in his life since first arriving in Andalucía in 1994.

Seville. A City of Marvels is essentially a travel guide, although the author delves much deeper into the backcloth of the city - its people, history, gastronomic traditions, legends and customs.

The book is designed for those who travel on a budget, and those who rely on public transport, but it also appeals to travellers who prefer the luxuries this magical city has to offer.

As well as helping the visitor discover the most popular sights, like the cathedral and the areas of Santa Cruz, El Arfe and Triana, it also introduces lesser-known attractions and snippets of information. His understanding of the traditions and cultural customs of the local people, coupled with his passion for the music and dance, come alive in the pages of this book.

"I first discovered Seville about 25 years ago and it totally engulfed me. Since then, I have spent a lot of time there in order to research previous books, and it was certainly the place where I acquired my fascination with flamenco. But it is not just this that has held my attention for so long, because Seville is so special in so many ways, and no matter how many times I visit, it never loses that seductive lure that first attracted me," he said.

The book contains an extensive listings section with suggestions for the best places to eat and drink, the most economical hotels and hostels and useful information about public transport, tours and excursions, theatres, clubs and, of course, flamenco tablaos.

As well as writing for SUR in English, Tony is a regular contributor to the London-based Flamenco News magazine, and he is affiliated with El Museo del Baile Flamenco, a state-of-the-art flamenco dance museum in Seville.

In 2014, he participated in a documentary that the BBC recorded in Cordoba and Seville.