What will the weather be like in the south of Spain this week?

What will the weather be like in the south of Spain this week?

An Atlantic anticyclone, currently sitting over the Iberian Peninsula, will intensify until Thursday in a large part of the Andalucía region

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Monday, 1 July 2024, 12:56

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An Atlantic anticyclone, currently present over the Iberian Peninsula, will intensify until Thursday over a large part of Spain's Andalucía region this week, which will lead to a gradual increase in maximum temperatures, which will gradually decrease from Friday onwards. On the Mediterranean coast, the opposite phenomenon will occur: they will fall on Tuesday and rise slightly on Wednesday or Thursday, although the maximum temperatures will also take a breather at the end of the week.

This was explained by Juan de Dios del Pino, of Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) in Andalucía, who said that the maximum temperatures, except for the coast of the Costa del Sol and Almeria, will rise this Tuesday by 5C, and will increase by one or two degrees per day until Thursday, when the hottest day of the week is expected in much of the region, especially in the Guadalquivir Valley, where it is expected to reach 40C on that day.

On Friday, a northerly wind is expected to enter the region, leading to a slight drop in temperatures, with a drop of five or six degrees in maximum temperatures in most of the region until Sunday.

As for the minimum temperatures, these will rise this week, except on the coast of Almería and the Costa del Sol, although to a lesser extent. Nighttime temperatures are not expected to drop below 20C from Wednesday onwards, which will leave "tropical" nights, at least until Sunday, a situation that will be widespread throughout the region.

On the Mediterranean coast, maximum temperatures will fall by around 4C tomorrow, while from Wednesday or Thursday they will rise gently. On Friday they will begin to fall, as in the rest of the region, although gradually, with a drop of around three degrees. On the other hand, the minimum temperatures will remain unchanged in these areas throughout the week, standing at between 20 and 21C.

Del Pino also added that a light westerly wind will blow in Andalucía this Monday. From Tuesday it will be light or variable in the region, except in the Strait of Gibraltar and the coast of Almeria, where there will be an easterly wind without major significance on Thursday or Friday of this week.

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