Pictures posted by @patagadr of her breakfast in Granada have gone viral.
This is the 2.40 euro breakfast in Spain that quickly went viral
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This is the 2.40 euro breakfast in Spain that quickly went viral

Pictures posted by a social media user of her first meal of the day in Granada have whetted appetites across the country



Wednesday, 7 February 2024


Breakfast in Andalucía is something that Andalusians love. From the 'pitufo' in Malaga to the 'rebanás' in Cadiz and 'tostadas' in Granada, all the provinces have something characteristic in the first meal of the day.

Well, now on social media, specifically on X, a tweet published by the user @patagadr has gone viral, in which she gave an account of the breakfast she had enjoyed in a bar in Granada. In fact, in the Zaidín district.

"In my neighbourhood in Granada you can have breakfast for €2.40, don't charge more, give me the same price. There are no other breakfasts like the ones in Andalucía," she wrote.

The price of the breakfast, just 2.40 euros for a large 'tostada' (toast) and a coffee, accompanied by another image with the prices of the establishment's menu, has provoked a multitude of reactions to the comment, which in just 24 hours has received more than 2,000 'likes'.

"Here that doesn't cost below 5 euros," responded an X user who lives in Madrid. There were also other responses from a large part of the country posting details of their own breakfasts, for example from Extremadura and Galicia.

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