Drought in Andalucía: the region's reservoirs stand at 21.3 per cent capacity

Andalucía's reservoirs have lost five cubic hectometres of water in the last week

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Andalucía's reserves of water have fallen by five cubic hectometres in the last week and are now at 2,387 of a total of 11,167 cubic hectometres, just 21.3% of their capacity. This level is 7% lower compared to last year, when the region’s reservoirs were at 28.3% of capacity with 3,165 cubic hectometres.

According to data on Tuesday from the regional government's Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, in the last week the water stored in the reservoirs of the Guadalquivir basin remained at 18.6% capacity with a total of 1,494 cubic hectometres, while those of the Andalusian Mediterranean Basin fell to 33.6% capacity with a total of 394 cubic hectometres.

These are the two main reservoir systems in Andalucía. The others are the Tinto, Odiel and Piedras in Huelva, and the Guadalete-Barbate in Cadiz. The reservoirs in Huelva have 148 cubic hectometres this week – one more than the previous week – with their reserve at 64.6% of their capacity, and those in Cadiz have lost five cubic hectometres in the past seven days and now hold 351 cubic hectometres, which is 21.3% of their capacity.

At the national level, the Spanish water reserve is at 34.3% of its total capacity and the reservoirs currently store 19,241 cubic hectometres of water, after an increase of 797 cubic hectometres in the last week, which is equivalent to 1.4% of the total capacity of the reservoirs.

Rainfall has had a beneficial effect to the peninsula as a whole, with the maximum recorded in Vigo, of 203.3 mm.