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Londoners get a a taste of Granada's Costa Tropical
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Londoners get a a taste of Granada's Costa Tropical

The Spanish Ambassador to the UK José Pascual Marco was present at an event to promote the importance of agriculture and tourism in Almuñécar-La Herradura

Jennie Rhodes


Friday, 28 June 2024, 13:25

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Representatives from Almuñécar-La Herradura town hall on Granada’s Costa Tropical, along with the Almuñécar tourist board and the Granada provincial authority Diputación were joined by the Spanish ambassador to the UK José Pascual Marco in London on Tuesday 25 June to promote the tourist resort.

The main event took place in a central London restaurant, where the renowned Spanish chef José Pizarro and local chefs Sergio González from Firmvm Restaurant and Carlos Martín from Mardela Restaurant, prepared a menu inspired by local products from the Costa Tropical, including mango, avocado and custard apple.

During the event, mayor of Almuñécar Juan José Ruiz Hoya said, "We are very excited to launch this campaign and show the world the incredible diversity and richness of Almuñécar and La Herradura's gastronomy. This is an opportunity for Londoners to connect with our culinary traditions and discover the unique flavours that distinguish us.”

Tourism councillor Daniel Barbero explained that the aim of the event was to continue the relationships made at the various tourism fairs held throughout the year and extend them “outside the tourism sector fairs”. He went on to say that these occasions allow relationships to “enjoy greater efficiency and importance than those that are developed during trade fair events".

The event is being accompanied by a series of other promotional activities, including “tuna and monkfish with cold mango and almond sauce", designed by Sergio González, which will be on the menu at José Pizarro's restaurant for six weeks.

It is hoped that the campaign will attract some of the 4,000 people expected to dine at José Pizarro's restaurant in the six weeks that the special dish is available.

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