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The unspoilt beach with hardly any visitors that can be found in one of the most beautiful parts of Andalucía's Cadiz province

The unspoilt beach with hardly any visitors that can be found in one of the most beautiful parts of Andalucía's Cadiz province

It is a perfect place for anyone looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing in the midst of nature - and you probably never heard of it despite its proximity to some well-known beaches

A. González

Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 17:00

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The coastal area of Cadiz province in Andalucía has many natural places of great beauty where it is possible to find virgin beaches surrounded by flora and far from any built-up areas. These beaches are a very important attraction for people looking for coastlines that have a peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by nature.

Cadiz's extensive coastline has many beaches of this kind. One of them is Playa de Mangueta, a beach paradise located between El Palmar de Vejer and Zahora, one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the province of Cadiz.

Main features

Mangueta is a fantastic beach located far away from the hustle and bustle of the main urban areas. Despite being close to two very busy beaches in summer, such as El Palmar and Zahora, it is a very quiet beach that tends to have few visitors.

It is an unspoilt beach in a fantastic natural environment . The dunes and the native vegetation that surrounds it also give it a very natural and wild appearance. Its sand is fine and golden and its waters are clear and calm. It is also a fairly wide beach, which allows those few beachgoers to have some privacy.

Along the coast there you will also find the river mouth to the Arroyo de San Antonio , a small watercourse that comes from the Vejer mountains to further enrich the beach's surroundings. Here you can also enjoy the wildlife.

A quiet and relaxing beach

The most outstanding feature of this beach is its tranquillity. It is a fantastic option for people who want to enjoy a day at the beach in a relaxed atmosphere right in the middle of nature. In the more isolated parts of the beach nudism is commonly practised. The wind and waves of the area also make this beach a very suitable place for water sports such as surfing.

How to get there

Mangueta beach has a somewhat isolated access. To reach it by car it is necessary to drive along the Carril de Mangueta located in Zahora, taking the turn-off from the A-2233 . This is a road with poor visibility and dangerous curves, so it is necessary to drive with caution. This beach can also be reached on foot along the coast. It is about 15 minutes' walk from El Palmar beach and 10 minutes from Zahora beach.

This beach in Cadiz province is a great option for people looking for a quiet, natural and less crowded place. Playa de la Mangueta offers visitors the chance to enjoy nature in a very secluded setting.

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