The website article showing a panoramic view of the unmistakable skyline of Cadiz with its myriad of minarets. La Voz de Cádiz
Which? recommends Cadiz to the Brits: 'Is there anywhere in Andalucía more underrated?'

Which? recommends Cadiz to the Brits: 'Is there anywhere in Andalucía more underrated?'

The British consumer magazine lists several Spanish travel destinations that tourists are slowly discovering, having grown increasingly tired of the Costa del Sol, eastern Mediterranean coastline and Balearic Islands

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Friday, 21 June 2024, 17:15

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The British love Spain. It's their favourite place to holiday, the ideal destination for the summer months. The weather, the people, the food, the drink and the relaxed ambience attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Of course, the places they know best are the Costa del Sol (Marbella) and the Levante area along the eastern Med (with Benidorm at the top). However, Which? consumer magazine has picked out a few places that have also delighted British tourists when visiting Spain, but which are currently trailing behind the usual suspects... but for how much longer?

The Which? article in question talks about San Sebastián, Nerja on the Costa del Sol in Malaga province, Cartagena and La Coruña. Andalucía gets another mention with Cadiz city, the provincial capital of Cadiz. The section on Cadiz starts with the question that perhaps we should also ask ourselves: "Is there any place in Andalucía more underrated than Cadiz?"

The article details a few of Cadiz's treasures. "The ancient port town, studded with more than 100 watchtower-like minarets, has its share of heavyweight culture. There are museums, a Roman theatre, a trio of Goyas in an oratory and an El Greco in the cathedral."

The real appeal of Cadiz

The article goes on: "Cadiz's true appeal is itself." That is perhaps why it is so difficult to appreciate it with the naked eye, or even through photographs. "Merchants' houses in its labyrinth of alleys criss-crossing a peninsula are more evocative of 18th-century glory days than any museum display. In La Viña district you'll discover traditional fish restaurants and brilliant, simple, tapas joints like Taberna Casa Manteca (Rick Stein is a fan). The whole place sparkles with African light."

The article concludes with: "Cadiz should be much better known."

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