Teacampa Glamping near Tarifa La Voz
Glampsite in Cadiz province one of the best in Spain according to National Geographic

Glampsite in Cadiz province one of the best in Spain according to National Geographic

The Teacampa project is designed by architects and craftsmen determined not just to offer an alternative to the traditional tented accommodation... but rather to design a space that expresses their philosophy of a simpler, yet still comfortable life



Friday, 28 June 2024, 15:14

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"Eight glampings in Spain ideal for going to the beach. Beyond the mix of glamour and camping that these lodgings claim to offer, this selection is a guarantee of great locations and days spent by the sea."

The prestigious magazine National Geographic has published a list with a mention of Cadiz or, more precisely, Tarifa. A campsite that offers glamping in this provincial town has been chosen as one of the best in the country.

This is Teacampa Glamping Tarifa . The tents are located in one of the most beautiful areas of southern Spain, Punta Paloma, within the larger campsite called Camping Paloma. There are other sites offered by the same company in other parts of the province, for example, in Conil. This is what National Geographic writes about the Teacampa crew's business model:

"The Teacampa project is designed by architects and craftsmen who have not designed this space as an alternative to traditional accommodation, but as a philosophy."

"Among the ideals are respect for nature and the quality of the materials used. The Almoraima tent, one of the spacious rooms in their glamping range, is built with chestnut wood from sustainable forests in Salamanca, which offers a unique protection against the weather."

"These eco tents are spread out along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Valdevaqueros, whose dunes and forests facing the sea inspired Teacampa's design. Not surprisingly, its tents are inspired by organic shapes while their structure adapts to the peculiarities of the environment."

The 'glampsite-within-a-campsite' has different wooden tents each with fridge, electric kettle, cooking utensils and outdoor dining area with a parking space. They do not have their own bathroom as these are shared with other tents in small blocks.

Offering garden views, Teacampa Tarifa features a restaurant, reception area, bar, gardens, outdoor pool (in season) and children's playground. Free wi-fi and free private parking are also available on site.


The company says on its website: "At Teacampa we envisage our tents as spaces where all the elements of our philosophy meet: design, comfort and sustainability. Born of an organic design that integrates them into their surroundings, made of sustainable woods and materials, and equipped to offer you maximum comfort, they will allow you to focus only on what matters, the experience of being back in nature, with nature."

The website goes on: "Teacampa is the embodiment of everything we are, everything we have been doing for years. Based on our extensive experience in interior architecture, building and landscaping, Teacampa is the culmination of a long business and creative process in which we wanted to combine experience, quality and sustainability. Going back to nature means going back to working with our hands, going back to being artisans."

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