The aeronautical sector is one of the largest contributors to Andalucía's export trade. SUR
Andalucía's aerospace sector takes off with 16% increase in turnover in 2023

Andalucía's aerospace sector takes off with 16% increase in turnover in 2023

The Junta president Juanma Moreno has conveyed his commitment and support to strengthen the sector to make it a market leader in Europe

José Luis Piedra


Friday, 21 June 2024, 17:54

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The aerospace sector in the Andalucía region is gaining momentum with a 16% growth in turnover in 2023 and a more than 10% increase in employment. This is according to data provided by the Andalucía Aerospace Cluster (a private business association) that brings together and represents companies and other organisations involved in the aerospace and defence sector. The numbers were presented at the meeting held last Wednesday at the Palacio de San Telmo in Seville with president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno.

President of the Andalucía Aerospace Cluster, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, welcomed these growth figures and pointed out that "it is no coincidence that the sector is growing due to the work being done in all segments, whether civil, commercial, military, defence programmes, drones, space or future 'aerotaxis' [literally flying taxis, large drone-type, but piloted, planes]." He added that "all of them are growing" and some of them are "reaching boiling point".

Juanma Moreno chairing the meeting with representatives from the regional aerospace cluster. SUR

Moreno passed on his support to the businessmen and stressed that one of the Andalusian government's objectives is to make Andalucía "a European leader in the aerospace sector, a sector that places the region at the forefront of emerging technologies, demonstrating great potential and consolidating it as a business, technological and research ecosystem at the cutting edge with unique R&D centres, test platforms and aerospace infrastructure."

Moreno affirmed that the professional association, which brings together aerospace and defence companies, research centres and universities, has helped Andalucía establish itself on the international scene for aerospace, supporting companies in their participation in high added-value projects.

He also mentioned the growth capacity of this industry, which today has a turnover almost three times higher than 15 years ago, generates twice as many jobs as it did a decade ago and now leads the ranking of Andalusian goods and services exported. "In the first quarter of this year alone, it did 860 million euros in trade, 133% more than last year," he stated.

Moreno also said he valued the industry's capacity to be a driving force and predicted: "good economic prospects for the Andalusian region, which has the businesses, the environment and an unquestionable aeronautical tradition that we must continue to promote."

The Junta's head finally stated that his regional government has measures in place, which have been requested by the sector, aimed at promoting public-private collaboration, the training of professionals, R&D&I (research, development and investment) with the emphasis on investment.

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