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Andalucía aims to break even more tourism records in 2024
Fitur 2024

Andalucía aims to break even more tourism records in 2024

Junta president Juanma Moreno has unveiled the magic number tourism officials will be chasing this year on how many visitors they want to attract to the region

Pilar Martínez


Thursday, 25 January 2024, 15:17

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Andalucía is aiming to attract a record-breaking 35 million tourists this year.

The figure was unveiled at Fitur, Madrid's international tourism fair, which started on Wednesday. Junta de Andalucía president Juanma Moreno attended the opening day and spoke about the record-breaking year the region experienced for tourism last year. He predicted 35 million tourists to visit Andalucía this year, a million more than 2023 which saw 33.9 million visitors flock to the region.

Moreno also pointed out that tourism in Andalucía last year injected 25 billion euros into the economy. "The figure means that Andalucía has contributed to a quarter of the economic activity generated by tourism in Spain," he said.

"We are national leaders in tourism and we have also grown in tourism revenue with an increase of almost 21 points and with an average expenditure per tourist that has risen by 8% compared to 2022," Moreno said.

"The quality of employment has also grown as temporary employment has dropped and wages have risen. This industry generates jobs of higher quality and stability. Tourism has helped Andalucía to progress," he added. Moreno also said tourism officials wanted to see further progress in the recovery of international tourism since the Covid-19 pandemic, encouraging more tourism among Spaniards and growth in revenue, employment, sustainability and improved connectivity.

Andalucía's new promotional tourism video from the 'Andalusian Crush' campaign was shown on the big screen of the Callao cinema in the heart of Madrid on Tuesday night to kick off the tourism fair. The video was presented alongside a live performance of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario bugle band from Cadiz that features on the soundtrack in the video.

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