Alerts for high temperatures activated in four provinces of Andalucía: Spain's Met Office warns of highs of up to 42C

Alerts for high temperatures activated in four provinces of Andalucía: Spain's Met Office warns of highs of up to 42C

The state agency (Aemet) said "isolated and occasional showers are not ruled out" in the region on Thursday, "which may be accompanied by storms and 'calima' mud deposits" in some areas

Almudena Nogués


Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 13:29

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The heat will be intense again in Andalucía. The maximum temperatures will rise this Wednesday in a large part of the Spanish mainland and in the Balearic Islands on a day when Seville and Cordoba will record 37C, according to the forecast of Spain's state weather agency. It will be just the appetiser of a Thursday that is expected to be torrid in the region. For now, Aemet has activated four weather warnings for high temperatures: two of them amber (in Cordoba and Jaen provinces) and two yellow, in Granada and Seville. The highest values are expected in the Guadalquivir valley, «where temperatures may locally reach 42C in the eastern third of the region», according to Aemet.

The warnings will come into force at 1pm and will remain in force until 9pm. During this period, maximum temperatures will range between 38 and 40C, with the possibility of reaching up to 42 degrees in the Guadalquivir valley.

During the early hours of Thursday morning, very high minimum temperatures are also expected throughout Andalucía, hovering around 20C in most provinces. Tropical nights will once again be the main feature of the weather. Malaga will register the record for the region, with a minimum temperature of 23C forecast for Friday. Jesús Riesco, director of the Malaga weather centre, explained that this situation will be due to the cloudiness during the night, which will be added to the warm mass.

Apart from the heat, which will take the meteorological lead, for Thursday, Aemet forecasts "cloudy skies with intervals of medium and high clouds" in Andalucía. The state agency forecasts cloudiness of diurnal evolution in the inland mountains, "where isolated and occasional showers are not ruled out, which may be accompanied by storms and mud deposits, as well as a 'calima'".

"In a short time a very warm air mass loaded with dust from the Sahara desert will bring a significant rise in temperatures in much of the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands: in some regions it will reach 40C", agreed the specialised weather portal Meteored.

Will it rain at the weekend?

Looking ahead to the weekend, the weather will take another turn. On Saturday, in fact, Aemet forecasts maximum temperatures that will not exceed 29C. Almeria, Cordoba and Malaga will be the provinces with the highest temperatures in Andlaucía. In addition, an Atlantic low could bring rainfall, the intensity of which will vary depending on where it is located.

"It could rain on Saturday during the early hours of the morning and into the early hours of the morning, especially inland but not ruled out in Malaga city. It will depend on where the 'dana' weather system is positioned at Cape San Vicente, as showers are also possible in Cadiz and Granada", said José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (storms and lightning).

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