The advantages of being counted

Speaker and tax expert, Pedro Fernández.
Speaker and tax expert, Pedro Fernández. / SUR
  • Why are people still reluctant to join the Padrón? Pedro Fernández, tax partner at Garrigues law firm, will be giving a talk in English this Thursday in Marbella

Town halls on the Costa del Sol frequently ask themselves why some residents have not registered on the local population census or Padrón.

In Marbella, for example, only 145,000 people are registered as resident, while other statistics, based on the demand for services show that more than 250,000 people actually live in the town. Among them are several thousand foreign residents.

In order to dispel any fears that joining the Padrón might have its disadvantages, especially in terms of tax declaration, tax expert Pedro Fernández will be giving a talk in English on Thursday morning in Marbella congress centre (Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos) at 10.30am.

The talk, in collaboration with Marbella town hall and SUR in English, will run through the advantages of being included on the register. The bigger the population shown on the Padrón, the greater the funding provided by the central government. This means, say municipal authorities, more security (police and fire officers, for example) and a cleaner town (improved refuse collection and street cleaning services), among many other benefits.

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