Rocío Barroso, the lorry driver who teaches mechanics to German students

Rocío Barroso with her mechanics students at Vitalis.
Rocío Barroso with her mechanics students at Vitalis. / SUR
  • Her knowledge and interest encouraged her to learn more about electromechanics

Rocío Barroso was offered an apprenticeship at the Vitalis training centre in Leipzig at the same time as Aran Tallboys.

Rocío, who become a professional lorry driver working for her family's business after completing an arts baccalaureate in Malaga, decided at the age of 35 to go back to school to study electromechanics. She joined the same class as Aran Tallboys in September 2015.

She was the only girl in a class of 30 and confesses that despite “feeling good”, being the only female in the class she had to “resist the urge to leave on a number of occasions” as she “felt out of place”.

However, the experience she had gained with a variety of vehicles during the 17 years she spent working as a driver provided her with both the knowledge and interest to learn more about electromechanics.

Rocío, who is from Periana, was also part of the Erasmus+ programme that first went to the Vitalis centre in Leipzig in September 2017.

When she was offered the opportunity to return she admitted that she “couldn't refuse”.

She went back to Leipzig in November and, like Aran will be doing from February, she is teaching students as well as studying on what is known as the Dual Apprenticeship System.

Apprentices receive a salary, accommodation and other benefits. The initial contracts are for six months with the possibility of being extended.