A previous chacina and mosto fiesta in Colmenar. SUR
Taste traditional Axarquía food and wine in Colmenar

Taste traditional Axarquía food and wine in Colmenar

The traditional Fiesta del Mosto y de la Chacina, now in its 23rd year, includes a competition to find the best chorizo sausage maker

Jennie Rhodes


Friday, 24 November 2023, 10:31


The village of Colmenar in the Axarquía is holding its traditional Fiesta del Mosto y de la Chacina on Sunday 26 November.

The event, which is now in its 23rd year, celebrates "the famous sausages made in Colmenar, its mosto (grape must) wine and olive oil".

The production of cured meats is deeply rooted in Colmenar, which has led to the butcher's shops and meat industries in the village traditionally producing sausages including "chacinas" - cured pork sausages and other pork products including chorizo and black pudding.

During the day, 900 litres of Colmenar mosto wine will be given out along with around 2,500 sandwiches filled with a selection of local pork products.

There is also a Ruta de la Tapa (tapas trail) with local bars and restaurants taking part, each one of which is offering a tapa made with local products and the special price includes a drink.

This year the festival is being opened by comedian and presenter Manolo Sarria, and there is a programme of activities including flamenco performances, workshops and children's entertainment.

There is also a "chacinero" contest, with participants making chorizo sausage using traditional methods.

For further information visit the town hall website:

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