Images from the '60s in the exhibition 'Magnum. Contact Sheets'. Migue Fernández
Magnum Photos shows its most iconic images in Malaga exhibition
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Magnum Photos shows its most iconic images in Malaga exhibition

La Malagueta centre is hosting an exhibition that puts together some of the most legendary images from the photographic agency from the last 70 years

Víctor Rojas


Friday, 17 November 2023, 14:24


The battle of Normandy, conflicts in the Middle East, the May '68 riots in France, the Vietnam War, the Balkan Wars, 9/11. These are just some of the most notable events from the middle of the twentieth century and the start of the twenty-first which are referenced in a photo exhibition named 'Magnum. Contact Sheets', which is taking place at the cultural centre La Malagueta, owned by the Diputación of Malaga.

You can also see a contact sheet next to its respective photograph, an unpublished document that contextualises each photo and reveals the aim and quality of the image. The collection is made up of failed photos that were never released and the notebooks from the photojournalists which document their steps and mistakes. You can find all sorts of contact sheets there, such as 35 mm negatives, medium format negatives, large format negatives, and even the beginning of some digital ones.

The exhibition puts together more than 150 photographs from 65 of the most important international photojournalists at Magnum, including Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Inge Morath, Alex Webb, Abbas, Elliott Erwitt, Steve McCurry, Thomas Dworzak and Cristina García Rodero, the only Spaniard of the three at the company. Photojournalist Thomas Dworzak will also be part of the exhibition, who attended the presentation of the exhibition along with the president of the Diputación Francisco Salado, and the exhibition's coordinator, Dumia Medina. Speaking on photographers of the past, Dworzak said that they were "more effective" however he feels no nostalgia for the methods of photography in the past.

Salado himself praised Magnum "for their integral role in visualising the history of culture, and whose work makes up the graphic memory of the modern world". Likewise, he praised the choice of Malaga as the city to host this exhibition and its prestigious photographers, who he considered "authentic privileged witnesses of history". "Even in extreme situations they go about their work impeccably, which is to report through images," he concluded.

'Magnum. Contact Sheets', produced by Magnum Photos and Forte di Bard, is a chronological tour through the key moments of this era through pictures, a chronicle of the history of the twentieth century. : from 1930 to 2010, depicting historical milestones and also portraits of the most influential socio political figures such as Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Che Guevara, Margaret Thatcher, Fidel Castro, Malcom X, Dalí, The Beatles, Miles Davis and Mother Teresa.

The exhibition opened last Friday (10 November) and will be open until 27 March and is completely free to attend. The entrance to the exhibition room is through Puerta 9 in the Malagueta bullring. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am until 2pm and 4pm to 7pm.

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