Pedro El Granaino will perform at the bulería festival. SUR
Flamenco performers to show true merit during bulería festival on the Costa
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Flamenco performers to show true merit during bulería festival on the Costa

The festival takes place in Torremolinos bullring on Saturday 6 July and features outstanding orthodox singers

Tony Bryant


Friday, 28 June 2024, 14:43

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The bullring in Torremolinos will present some of today's most formidable flamenco artistes during the III Fiesta de la Bulería, which will take place from 10pm on Saturday 6 July.

The festival, as the name suggests, promotes singers who are renowned for their outstanding ability to perform this exciting Gypsy style of flamenco, considered to be the style that shows a performer's true merit.

The festival is based on the event that has been held for almost 60 years in Jerez de la Frontera. Because the bulería - a lively show of expressiveness - is an integral part of life among the Gypsies, the festival will present mainly, but not exclusively, renowned Gypsy performers from Jerez; a city considered to be one of the main cradles of the cante flamenco.

This year's line-up includes Dolores La Agujetas, a Gypsy singer who was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1960 and who descends from one of the town's most important clans of orthodox singers.

Others include Ezequiel Benítez, a young singer born in the district of Santiago in Jerez de la Frontera who has already left his mark on the orthodox flamenco scene of today; and Jesús Mendéz, another singer from Jerez that descends from the family of La Paquera de Jerez, considered the 'queen of the bulerías'. These will be joined by Pedro El Granaino, Antonio Reyes, Manuel Moneo Barullo, and Grupo Malaga Canta, an ensemble of performers who are continuing Malaga's long-standing flamenco tradition.

Tickets cost 25 or 30 euros in advance, depending on the zone chosen, or 30 and 35 euros at the door, and are available from Vinoteca La Fuente, Plaza Federico García Lorca, Torremolinos, or from

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