Diego Porres Solís, after winning the 1.35m show jumping event in Sotogrande. / SMEC

Sotogrande show jumping competition with a royal rider

The Santa María Equestrian Club held a two-star competition last week, which also saw the Infanta Elena take part on her horse


Sotogrande's Santa María Equestrian Club held its two-star category National Jumping Competition (CSN2*), a show jumping event, between 18 and 20 August. Among the close to 100 participants was the Infanta Elena, the elder sister of King Felipe.

The two-star category the CSN2* refers to is the height of the jumps the horses and their riders take; as well as the possible prize pool, with higher jumps meaning more money. A category two event would see heights of up to 1.45 metres.

It was the third of a planned four show jumping events for this season, where competitors took part in five daily tests, including jumps of 0.8 metres, one metre, 1.1m, 1.2m, 1.3m and 1.35m.

The winners

The morning sessions saw the 0.8, 1 and 1.1-metre tests take place. Ignacio Parias Astolfi won on Thursday and Saturday, while Carmen Velasco Erquicia came out on top on Friday.

Parias Astolfi also took the top spot in the one-metre event on Friday, as Gulia Pronk won the other two days. For the 1.1 metres, Paul George won on Thursday; with Jacobo Martínez Benjumea winning on Friday and Saturday.

In the afternoon sessions, Hannah Flournoy Buchan and Mercedes San Román Mateos won in the 1.2-metre jumps, with Misk Waleed Al Marshoud and Diego Porres Solís winning the 1.3m events.

Porres Solís also took the top spot in Saturday's 1.35m round, putting in a perfect performance with no penalty points in what is the hardest round of the weekend. The Infanta Elena also competed in that round, but finished ninth with 12 penalty points.