The devastated CAB Estepona players at the final whistle. Josele
Late heartbreak for Estepona basketballers who miss out on historic promotion

Late heartbreak for Estepona basketballers who miss out on historic promotion

The side were on the verge of joining the elite of women's basketball before a disastrous final five minutes

Marina Rivas


Monday, 6 May 2024, 00:22


In a heartbreaking turn of events, CAB Estepona's bid to make history was ultimately shattered in the most dramatic of circumstances in Sunday's promotion play-off final against Joventut.

Heralded as potential history-makers, the Estepona squad had found themselves on the brink of unprecedented success, poised to join the national elite of women's basketball - something never previously attained by any Malaga-based team.

And their mission started extremely well. The team battled through an exhausting final, carving out an impressive 11-point lead with just minutes left on the clock.

However, in a dramatic twist of fate, their fortunes plummeted in the dying moments of the game. Amid a scoreboard malfunction and stuttering gameplay, Joventut unleashed a relentless onslaught to score an incredible 18-0 in the final five minutes to snatch a gut-wrenching 55-64 victory.

The disbelief was palpable inside the José Antonio Pineda pavilion as the devastated Estepona players grappled with the abrupt reversal of fortune before their disbelieving eyes.

"I just can't explain what happened," said coach Francis Tomé. "But we've got to accept it."

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