Buying a test at a pharmacy / EP

The price of Covid-19 antigen tests to be capped by Spanish government

After holiday supply problems, the price of antigen tests is stabilising but the government intends to regulate it soon


The cost of a Covid-19 antigen test in Spain is among the highest in Europe, partly caused by strong demand and low supplies over the holiday period. While the price of the tests is now stabilising, the government said it intends to regulate it soon.

“Last year we already abolished IVA sales tax on these products. Next, we will do something to regulate them,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez during an interview with Cadena SER on 10 January.

Sánchez, however, ruled out that the tests could go on sale in supermarkets, a practice that has allowed other European countries to lower the cost of them further. Currently the tests are only legally available in pharmacies and experts have warned that tests bought elsewhere could be faulty. A test bought at a pharmacy costs between five and eight euros.

In France, an antigen test may cost no more than six euros. In Germany and Portugal, they cost about two euros. In addition, each German citizen has the right to a free antigen test every 15 days and in the UK the government will post free tests if requested. In France, free tests are available to people who have been vaccinated.