Firefighters are still working in the area of the fire today. Andrés Molina / AGM
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Nightclub at centre of fire tragedy in Murcia, in which at least 13 people died, did not have licence to operate

La Fonda Milagros was issued with a cease and desist order by the city council in October 2022. Despite this, the club advertised its events on social media, so it was public knowledge that it was still open

Juan Cano


Monday, 2 October 2023, 13:55


La Fonda Milagros, the nightclub in Spain's Murcia region where at least 13 people died in the early hours of Sunday morning in a fire, had not been granted an opening licence. In fact, it had a cease and desist order in force since October 2022. Despite this, the club advertised its parties and events on social media, so it was public knowledge that it was still open.

Murcia city council explained in a press conference this Monday morning that, administratively, Teatre and Fonda Milagros were a single venue (in the name of the former), but were divided into two, so the entrepreneurs presented a project to obtain authorisation.


In January 2022, the council responded that this division meant a substantial modification of the conditions of the premises and the operation of the business, so it was urged to apply for a new opening licence and the one initially held by the Teatre nightclub, granted in 2008, was no longer valid.

That same month, the city council ordered the immediate cessation of the activity until the new licence was obtained. The Teatre entrepreneurs appealed against this decision and the council resolved the appeal by denying the club's activity until the new project was analysed.

In October 2022, the council ordered action to enforce the cessation of the activity. Despite this, Fonda Milagros continued to be open to the public one year later and advertised its events in all kinds of forums and social media.

The council, in a tense press conference where journalists criticised its lack of diligence and inaction in this regard, announced that it will file its own private prosecution in the case against the Fonda and Teatre clubs for failing to comply with the orders.

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