Torremolinos presents its credentials in Greece. SUR
Torremolinos positions itself as ‘bastion of diversity’ in presentation of Europride 2027 candidacy

Torremolinos positions itself as ‘bastion of diversity’ in presentation of Europride 2027 candidacy

Speaking at the presentation held in Thessaloniki (Greece) on Saturday, the town’s mayor, Margarita del Cid, highlighted some of the Costa del Sol town’s key strengths

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Sunday, 30 June 2024, 21:26

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Torremolinos presented its credentials to host in 2027 the most important party for the LGBT community in Europe at an event organised by the Spanish tourism institute (Turespaña) in Thessaloniki (Greece) on Saturday.

In collaboration with Europride Thessaloniki, Madrid Pride (Mado) and Torremolinos town hall, the event was attended by the minister of tourism in Rome, Gonzalo Ceballos Watling, along with representatives of the Junta de Andalucía, and Mila Moreno Fernández, representative of the Asociación Reinas de Torremolinos (queens’ association) and spokesperson for the candidacy to host Europride in 2027.

The town’s mayor, Margarita del Cid, who also attended, defined the general lines of the Torremolinos candidacy before representatives of the LGTB community, tour operators and the media. She outlined some of the town’s strengths, such as its historical legacy in terms of diversity and inclusion, its pioneering nature in terms of the tourism industry and its objective of exporting its lifestyle to the world.

Del Cid said, “In the 1950s, Torremolinos began to stand out for being the place where people from all over the world spend their holidays, a completely innovative concept. That international character brought with it diversity.”

She also claimed that Torremolinos would later become a great home for all those who wanted to live its diversity and wanted to do so with pride, making it “the capital of diversity in Southern Europe”.

“This great conquest of human rights that the recent history of Torremolinos represents only makes sense if we export it, if we make the world participate in it. And that is the vocation with which we come to host Europride, to show the world our lifestyle, to attest that although there are parts of the world that insist on living in black and white, life has much more meaning from the prism of the rainbow,” she claimed.

"Bastion of diversity”

She went on to say that Torremolinos is a “bastion of diversity”, pointing out that “we can play a key role in the progress in terms of diversity, human rights and the defence of sexual freedoms in North Africa”.

“Torremolinos wants to be light in the face of that darkness and in the face of those who understand that being different is dangerous instead of a virtue. The Europride of 2027 to which Torremolinos opts to be the venue, coincides with the centenary of the Generation of 27, the generation of Lorca, Alberti, and Cernuda, she concluded.

The town’s candidacy for the next Europride is promoted by the Gay Merchants of Torremolinos association, (ACOGAT), together with the rest of the local LGBT associations.

According to the latest data from UN Tourism, this sector accounts for more than 35 million travellers a year and is a highly seasonally-efficient tourism. In addition, the expenditure of this group is 33 per cent higher than the expenditure of the average tourist.

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