Catalan government told to remove yellow ribbon symbol

Public buildings have being displaying the controversial symbol.
Public buildings have being displaying the controversial symbol. / EFE
  • Former regional president, Carles Puigdemont, says he may stand as an MEP to claim immunity

The pro-separatist government of Catalonia has been ordered to take down the yellow ribbon symbol from public buildings. It is used in protest over the arrest of leaders of the failed 2017 declaration of independence.

The authority running the elections in the next ten weeks, including national poll on 28 April and, the municipal, European and, in some areas, regional votes on 26 May, says it is illegal for public bodies overseeing voting to show bias. The Catalan government failed to comply by Thursday's deadline, and central government has said it would ask for regional politicians to be fined.

Sights on Europe

As election fever grows in the country, the self-exiled former leader of the Catalan regional government, Carles Puigdemont, has said he is considering standing as a European MP.

He says it would allow him to return to Spain with immunity from arrest although observers said it was unlikely he would either be allowed to stand or get a seat.