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Warm terral wind and maximum temperatures of up to 32C degrees forecast in Malaga from today

Warm terral wind and maximum temperatures of up to 32C degrees forecast in Malaga from today

Spain’s state weather agency is also predicting fog at the start of the week in parts of the province

Almudena Nogués


Monday, 10 April 2023, 08:23

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Holy Week in Spain has drawn to a close, and this year it was marked in the province with good weather that has allowed - finally after several years - for all the brotherhoods to stage their Semana Santa processions, without exception.

Now the holiday in Spain is over, April now continues its course and people will resume their usual routines with stable weather as a backdrop.

At the moment, no rainfall is expected in Malaga this coming week. The state weather agency (Aemet) does not give any probability of showers between now and next Sunday. Temperatures will climb a few degrees to summer-like levels from today (Monday, 10 April) when they could even reach 32C. The minimum will also rise to around 16-17 degrees.

This Easter Monday the warm ‘terral’ wind will likely be the main feature in the Guadalhorce valley, as the meteorology expert José Luis Escudero wrote on his Storms and Lightning blog on SUR. “Unless there are any surprises, I do not think it will reach Malaga and the usual areas. The maximum temperatures, meanwhile, will move between 22 and 32 degrees. It will be in the inland areas of the Guadalhorce valley and Antequera where it will be hottest,” he added.

Sea mist or fog

In addition, as the sea is cold and a light south-southeast wind is expected, there is a probability of taro mist or sea fog on the easternmost coast of Malaga and the coast of Granada provinces. "We'll have to see if it also happens off the coast of Malaga city and enters land," said Escudero. Aemet anticipates that the fog will prevail from noon and it could last until night.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the terral wind could reach the usual areas of Malaga province, Escudero predicts. The westerly could blow with strong gusts between the middle of the week and Thursday, when Aemet predicts gusts in Malaga city of around 25 kilometres per hour.

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