The tractor blockade in Paseo del Parque. Ñito Salas / Archive
Farmers' protests start fizzling out in Malaga as no new dates set

Farmers' protests start fizzling out in Malaga as no new dates set

There was supposed to be a camp-out at the Port of Malaga for 12, 13 and 14 April, but it has been cancelled

Matías Stuber


Friday, 12 April 2024, 11:12


Farmers' protests erupted in Malaga in just a few months, with the unrest bubbling in WhatsApp groups and spilling out into the streets. In February, a blockade of tractors organised in secret managed to block the Port of Malaga and access to the logistics platforms of the large supermarkets in Antequera.

The unrest was plastered across front pages, with the demonstrations replicated throughout the country, leaving official agricultural associations unable to contain the anger. Asaja, COAG, UPA and Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias managed, however, to give meaning to an unease that was in danger of coming to nothing due to a lack of organisation.

Two important protests took place in Malaga city. One in March, in front of the town hall, and the other, the same month, in front of the government sub-delegation. The first was a success. The second already showed the division that existed between the farmers and stockbreeders, a fracture that is still evident today, when UPA signed an agreement with the minister of agriculture, Luis Planas.

His measures are proposed to improve the situation in the countryside, but Asaja and COAG are yet to sign his agreement. With the situation at a standstill, there are no new protests marked on the calendar.

President of Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias, Carlos Cintas, warned at the last demonstration in front of the government sub-delegation it might be "time to rethink future strategies". Even then, the clash between farmers who felt supported by the associations and those who did not was evident. There were moments of tension in these protests between the farmers themselves, with the atmosphere becoming extra tense.

Since then, nothing is known about possible dates for new protests. Sources in the sector confirmed to SUR that "nothing is planned for now". In addition to possible protest fatigue, there are also the positive effects the recent rains have had on the countryside. "The water has been wonderful for the countryside, but it comes with a lot of work," the sources said.

Asaja is currently holding several meetings in different municipalities in Malaga province. The idea is to sound out the opinion of rural professionals on the ground. But, for now, no concrete actions have been announced and no new protest dates have been set.

It comes after the cancellation of the planned protest camp-out in the Port of Malaga. The demonstration, called by the 6F platform, was organised for 12, 13 and 14 April. But SUR confirmed it will not take place and does not have the respective permits from the government offices.

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