The rains may return to Malaga province this Saturday, although only for a few hours (file photo). SUR
Summer has not arrived in south of Spain yet: rain and thunderstorms expected at the weekend

Summer has not arrived in south of Spain yet: rain and thunderstorms expected at the weekend

The downpours could bring up to 20mm of rain this Saturday, especially in the inland areas of Malaga province and to parts of the Costa del Sol

Ignacio Lillo


Thursday, 6 June 2024, 18:41

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Don't put away your coat until 40 May. The traditional Spanish saying is on its way to becoming true this year in Malaga. On Saturday 8 June, rain and storms are expected. This is confirmed by Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) meteorological centre, which has raised the probability of downpours to 100% in Antequera and very close to the maximum probability in Ronda. In addition, morning showers are also very likely in Malaga city and on the Costa del Sol, which will extend into the afternoon inland.

It is most likely that the bulk of the storm will occur during the early hours of the morning (Friday night into Saturday), between 3am and 9am, and the European forecasting model predicts significant accumulations of up to 20 millimetres in the Antequera area. If this does happen, the area will receive much-needed irrigation for crops and livestock. The bad news is that this will be an isolated episode, lasting just a few hours.

In the Ronda mountains and the western Costa del Sol, rainfall is expected to decrease, with amounts ranging from five to ten millimetres. Similar conditions are forecast for the Guadalhorce valley. In areas like Malaga city and the Axarquía, lesser amounts of two to five millimetres are anticipated, according to data provided by José Luis Escudero, an expert in Malaga meteorology and head of the SUR blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (storms and lightning).

Muddy rainfall

Additionally, isolated episodes of 'calima' haze are expected, although the concentration is not alarming. However, precipitation may mix with the Sahara desert dust in some areas, resulting in muddy rainfall. This will also lead to a slight decrease in temperatures, with highs of 28C in Malaga city over the weekend and 25 degrees in the inland areas.

Before that on Friday, a combination of the warm air mass and the cloudiness will lead to a tropical night, the warmest so far this spring, with a minimum temperature of 23C and high humidity in Malaga city and along the coast, making it more difficult to sleep without the help of air conditioning or a fan.

"The European weather forecasting model predicts rainfall throughout Malaga province, but the problem is that the American model predicts none," Escudero warned, urging people to wait until later this Thursday night for a more accurate forecast with the latest update from the Harmonie model.

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