A group of producers affiliated to the brand took part in the trade mission. Sur
Sabor a Málaga moves forward in its bid to go global

Sabor a Málaga moves forward in its bid to go global

A delegation from Malaga held a working meeting with the management of Metro, a German wholesaler with 628 shops in 32 countries

Juan Soto

Friday, 19 April 2024, 11:21


Sabor a Málaga is making progress in its internationalisation process. The provincial authority's promotional brand has become visible in Germany, where it is currently on a business tour. In the German city of Düsseldorf a delegation from Malaga has met with the management of Metro, a wholesale company that has 628 shops in 32 countries and supplies products to 16 million customers.

The German company, which has Makro as a subsidiary in Malaga, is a leading international chain of food and non-food products specialising in serving the needs of hotels, restaurants, caterers and independent retailers. It has an annual turnover of around 30 billion euros and 90,000 employees.

The president of the provincial authority, Francisco Salado, travelled to the German city, where he toured the facilities and headquarters store together with Rafael Gasset, operations director and Metro's number two in Malaga. The trade initiative was attended by a group of producers affiliated to the brand, who had the opportunity to present their companies and products to the purchasing managers.

Salado expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in Sabor a Málaga, as this is the first time that Metro and Makro have organised a meeting with a provincial institution and a regional promotional brand. He also recalled that six years ago a collaboration agreement was signed with Makro to promote Sabor a Málaga products in its facilities.

The president of the provincial authority stressed the importance of this commercial action, as it opens the door to the introduction of new and more products from the province in the European market, where "there is room for improvement".

"This mission is a very important step in the challenge we have set ourselves to advance in the internationalisation of the brand," he said. These include businesses that produce and market oils, wines, sausages, fruit and vegetables, seafood and quince jelly, among other things.

The meeting included a presentation of Sabor a Málaga, the promotional brand for the province's agri-food sector, which brings together more than 600 companies, highlighting the fact that the products under this brand have the added value of being local and of high quality, providing a livelihood for more than 50,000 families in the province, and which are highly appreciated by tourists visiting the Costa del Sol.

Salado also met with Carlos Borreguero, from the company Spanischer Garten Import GmbH, which imports Spanish foodstuffs.


Salado recalled that, in addition to the promotional activities of Sabor a Málaga in the province, through regional fairs and the Gran Feria de Sabor a Málaga, Malaga products are also promoted outside the province, both at national and European levels.

Sabor a Málaga facilitates the presence of Malaga producers at the most important agri-food fairs and events in Spain, such as Alimentaria, Madrid Fusión, Salón Gourmets, Salón H&T, San Sebastián Gastronómika, Salón de la Alimentación del Atlántico (SALIMAT), Fenavin and Vinoble.

Commercial expeditions have also been organised to the Canary Islands, Tenerife, Mallorca, London, Rome, Lisbon, Oporto, Paris, Berlin, The Hague, Dubrovnik and the United Arab Emirates, among others, in parallel with the promotion of food tourism.

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