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Ronda takes another step forward in process to build new sports and leisure events arena

Ronda takes another step forward in process to build new sports and leisure events arena

The town hall has put a contract out to tender to draft an outline plan for the proposed facility that will have a retractable grandstand to enable it to stage concerts and other events

Vanessa Melgar

Monday, 24 June 2024, 23:32

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Ronda town hall has taken a major step forward in the process of building its much-anticipated sports and leisure arena, a facility that will be used mainly for sporting events, but also for cultural events such as music concerts. In fact, the council has its sights fixed on having a retractable grandstand within the arena, a feature it has envisaged from the outset.

The announcement of the next stage was made last week by Ronda's mayor, María de la Paz Fernández, together with the councillor in charge of public contracts, Jorge Fernández. They announced that the tender process is now open to bid for the contract to draft the projects needed to do the groundwork for the lighting and power to the future sports arena. Interested parties will have until 3rd July to submit their bids. The winner of this contract will have a period of seven months to complete the drafting of the projects. The budget for this work is 60,000 euros.

Audience capacity of 3,000

It is estimated that this arena will have an audience capacity of around 3,000 people and will be built on the site of the old Cobreros sports centre, located next to the road between Ronda and El Burgo, on a plot of around 4,000 square metres. This contract also includes the redevelopment of the surroundings of the future sports complex, from the access point just off the road to El Burgo to the nearby pedestrian walkway that passes over the ring road.

Finally, the mayor, who described the overall project as "transformative", maintained her intention to have the building work commence during her current term of office. While the tendering process is ongoing, the changes to the town's urban development plans (PGOU) needed for this project to go ahead are also being processed.

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