Animal welfare

More than 30 people investigated for cruelty in Malaga province after animals found living in 'deplorable' conditions

During police raids, Guardia Civil officers found horses dying from starvation, dogs with severed ears and tails and some animals allegedly beaten to death by their owners

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Monday, 26 February 2024, 12:08


A total of 34 people are being investigated for alleged animal cruelty offences after police officers found horses dying from starvation, dogs with severed ears and even some animals allegedly beaten to death in Malaga province as part of Operation Colaphus.

Officers from the Guardia Civil's nature and environment protection unit, Seprona, found more than 100 ill-treated animals including horses abandoned without food or water in the middle of a heat wave and dogs that were found with their ears and tails cut off. Authorities also found animals suffering from leishmaniasis, mange and other diseases.

Police inspected 236 private kennels, livestock farms, zoos and animal shelters, as part of their overall investigation. They detected more than 500 breaches of regulations, mainly related to animal welfare, inadequate housing, lack of food and water, animal hygiene, lack of veterinary care or documentary and health records.

The animals that were rescued by the authorities have been placed in the care of various animal welfare associations and shelters. Some were left in the care of their owners - albeit under strict supervision - in cases that were less serious.

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