The panoramic view lift that left 13 Chinese tourists trapped in Mijas in the heat of last summer is back in action

The panoramic view lift that left 13 Chinese tourists trapped in Mijas in the heat of last summer is back in action

Since it was installed eight years ago, the lift has suffered several breakdowns but it has now been repaired and is operating again with calls for users to "treat it with respect"

Lorena Cádiz


Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 20:06


The lift popular with tourists in Mijas is finally back in action again.

Since it was installed eight years ago to link Plaza Virgen de la Peña with the upper part of Avenida del Compás, it has suffered several breakdowns. One famous incident happened in stifling heat at the end of last June, at 3.30pm in the afternoon, with the sun beating down on Mijas Pueblo. Bad luck befell thirteen Chinese tourists, who had got into the panoramic lift in the plaza, and were all set to take some photos of the impressive coastal views, when the lift got stuck halfway and they were trapped inside. The fire brigade had to rush to their rescue and to get them out they had to break the side window of the lift.

Since that incident, the lift has been out of service until Tuesday 27 February when the councillor for Infrastructures of Mijas town hall, Juan José Torres Trella, announced that it was operational again after repairs. The councillor said that it is hoped that this will be the definitive solution to a structure that has, since it was put into operation eight years ago, has suffered multiple problems.

"It should be remembered that the lift was designed without air-conditioning, despite it being located outside, which caused some problems that were solved by the contractor. However, the heat has caused up to six breakdowns over the years, affecting the electronics of the installation," Torres Trella said.

Given the situation, it was necessary to carry out a project to provide air-conditioning for both this lift and the one located next to the Virgen de la Peña car park, but despite these modifications, breakdowns continued. "The previous council team did not carry out any modifications to get it working again and it was not until this November that we got down to work to fix it," the councillor said.

"The lift is already in operation and has passed the necessary inspections. This installation is not only a new tourist attraction, but also greatly improves the accessibility of the Pueblo. Now we all have the responsibility to maintain and respect it," Torres Trella said. He added that the same type of repair — using 'sandwich' panels — was also the successful solution adopted for the other panoramic lift in the area, which was also out of order.

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