Thirteen tourists rescued after becoming trapped in a panoramic lift in Mijas

Thirteen tourists rescued after becoming trapped in a panoramic lift in Mijas

Firefighters had to break the glass on one of the sides of the structure to release the foreigners from the elevator that was designed to carry eight passengers

Irene Quirante


Monday, 26 June 2023, 21:28


Thirteen Chinese tourists have been rescued by the emergency services after they became stuck in one of the panoramic lifts in Mijas, which ground to a stop in the middle of its journey. Firefighters rescued the foreign visitors, who were all unharmed, after breaking the side glass that shrouds the elevator.

It happened on Sunday, 25 June, in the lift that connects Plaza Virgen de la Peña with Avenida del Compás. At around 3.30pm, the emergency services received calls alerting that a group of tourists had become trapped in it.

According to sources, the reason why the lift stopped halfway between floors has yet to be clarified. However, the same sources specified that it is an elevator with the capacity to transport eight people, with a total weight of 350 kilos, a number that was apparently exceeded.

Local Police officers and members of the Mijas fire rushed to the scene after the alarm was raised. The only option they saw viable was to break one of the glass sides of the elevator's outer structure, from which the firefighters were able to get the tourists out, all unharmed.

Since the rescue of the tourists on Sunday afternoon, the elevator has been inoperative, waiting for a repair to the window and for the necessary tests to be carried out to ensure its safe operation.

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