Man who was walking his dog in Mijas seriously injured after being stabbed in head by youth

Man who was walking his dog in Mijas seriously injured after being stabbed in head by youth

The victim, aged 45, was rushed to hospital in a serious condition for emergency surgery on the knife wound

Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 15:11


A 16-year-old minor has been arrested by Local Police in Mijas after allegedly stabbing a 45-year-old man in the head with a knife while he was walking his dog in an open field in the Las Lagunas area of the Malaga province town.

It happened late on Wednesday 24 January in a poorly lit area of Camino de los Campanales. Apparently, a uniformed patrol was carrying out surveillance work in the vicinity when the officers heard some shouting, so they approached to investigate.

As the Local Police approached they saw two people in the dark who appeared to be struggling and went to separate them. It was then that they noticed that one of them had a knife stuck in his head.

The officers stepped in to restrain the minor, aged 16 and of Moroccan nationality, and to help the victim, who is apparently a resident of the Mijas.

After learning of the incident, the 112 Andalucía emergency service control room alerted the ambulance service and Guardia Civil. The medical team rushed the man to Malaga's Hospital Regional Universitario in the ciity, where he was admitted in a serious condition with the stab wound to his head.

Sources have confirmed that the victim underwent surgery in the operating theatre and was then transferred to the intensive care unit

The arrested man was also taken to a health centre, as he also suffered cuts to his hands in the attack

At the moment, the circumstances surrounding the incident have not been revealed, nor whether there may have been a previous conflict between the two parties, something that the police are trying to clarify.

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