Mercadona launches wide-ranging job offer to bolster its workforce for summer

Mercadona launches wide-ranging job offer to bolster its workforce for summer

The Spanish supermarket giant offers different types of contracts without the need for previous work experience

Isabel Méndez


Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 15:33

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Mercadona has launched a wide range of job offers to bolster its workforce ahead of summer in Spain.

The positions are already available on the supermarket giant's employment portal, which manages recruitment only online. The website points out the conditions of the different jobs, for which no previous experience is required, although some of them, according to the company, have a starting salary of 1,553 euros gross per month.

Among the various options on offer for its supermarkets, there are full-time and part-time contracts to bolster its 100,000-strong workforce.

For example, for full-time stockers, it can be seen that a salary of up to 2,100 euros plus a night supplement is available. Part-time options include the possibility of working, for example, only two days, or the option of 20 hours a week spread over three days a week with a fixed contract and a starting salary of 777 euros a month with progression up to 1,051 euros, according to the website, as well as the option of a night supplement. It is also possible to work only two days (Friday and Saturday or Thursday and Friday), and for those who work two days a week, the salary is around 800 euros per month.

The employment portal features a search engine to select your preferences, and you can choose between types of contract, working hours (full or part-time), area of activity (supermarket, logistics or offices) and of course the province in which you wish to work.

To apply for a job at Mercadona, it is necessary to register in its job bank through the website, select the job offer you wish to apply for, fill in a form, attach your CV and answer a questionnaire.

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