Debbie Wingham and her million-euro mural. / Josele

Million euro diamond-encrusted mural set to sparkle in Puerto Banús this summer

The colourful piece of art has been created by British designer and artist Debbie Wingham, whose works are often accompanied by the "most expensive in the world" label


Visitors to Puerto Banús this summer will be able to see a mural by British artist and designer Debbie Wingham, who is known for creating some of the most expensive works of art in the world. This one, inspired by the more than 50 years the exclusive Marbella marina has been in existence, includes its megayachts, luxury shops, top-end cars and, of course, fine jewellery. The mural, which is in several sections as if it were a collage, includes a central piece encrusted with diamonds. It is worth over one million euros.

The mural is particularly striking because of its colour and the presence of The Beatles with their yellow submarine. “It denotes the fact that John Lennon visited this area just before Puerto Banús was founded in 1966 and he wrote a series of songs about it,” Debbie said at the inauguration on Thursday. “Literally, every small detail that you can find in Puerto Banús is included here”.

The work has been influenced by Banksy and Richard Hambelton and is scattered with images of expensive perfumes and Rolex watches. There are also silhouettes of elegant women to reflect the type of visitor to Puerto Banús, adorned with diamonds, Cartier jewels and designer handbags.

“I wanted to create something that people of all ages would enjoy, including children. I want everyone to enjoy it and for it to be an entertaining experience, because it is not just a flat mural; I have made a space where people can take photos and get close up. It is a complete experience,” she said.

‘Most expensive in the world’

Some of the characters who feature in the work are original oil paintings by Wingham based on ironic adaptations of major artists and others are the work of Nadja Rossato. Debbie Wingham thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase the talent of other creators and she has been a fan of Brazilian artist Nadja for many years.

The mural is the latest exceptional creation by the British designer , whose works are normally accompanied by the label ‘most expensive in the world’, such as a 50-million-euro wedding cake, a kaftan worth 17 million, a Christmas tree costing nearly 12 million and a pair of sandals at 13 million euros. Visitors to the luxury marina of Puerto Banús this summer should be sure not to miss it.