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Man arrested after woman falls to her death from fourth-floor window in Marbella

Man arrested after woman falls to her death from fourth-floor window in Marbella

According to initial police investigations the deceased spent the night at the detained 43-year-old’s home before falling to her death at around 4am on Sunday morning, in suspicious circumstances

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 30 May 2023, 15:22


National Police officers on the Costa del Sol have arrested a 43-year-old man in Marbella for his alleged involvement in the suspicious death of a woman who fell from a fourth-floor property in the Las Albarizas district of the town. The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday, 28 May.

After the alarm was raised a police patrol located the lifeless body of the woman, who was found lying in a pool of blood. They noticed that one of the clotheslines on the second floor of the building was broken and that, during the fall, the woman's body had caught some hanging sheets, so they deduced that she must have fallen from above that height.

Police located all those who resided in the floors above, except for one of them, the inhabitant of the room where it was believed the woman had plunged from. Officers gleaned that the occupant was not in the house, although the door had been left open.

Officers rang the bell and there was no answer, so they decided to enter the property. They observed that the living room window was closed and, as reported by the National Police, strands of hair similar to those of the deceased were found trapped in a portable clothesline that was attached to the window of the property. Police officers also found drugs.

After inquiries, investigators identified the inhabitant of the property, who appeared on Monday with his lawyer at the police station in Malaga and who, initially, gave a statement as a witness. Apparently, the suspect acknowledged that he spent the night with the deceased and that they were using drugs.

However, in the opinion of the police investigators, during his testimony there were a number of contradictions. This, added to the evidence collected by the National Police, led to his arrest as allegedly involved in a crime of homicide.


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