Councillor for Works Diego López at the site. SUR
Major works on road from Elviria to La Mairena under way to improve safety
Road safety

Major works on road from Elviria to La Mairena under way to improve safety

The Marbella town hall project to revamp Avenida de España leading up the hill is expected to take three months

María Albarral


Friday, 8 March 2024, 15:25


Avenida de España in the Elviria district of eastern Marbella is one of the Costa municipality's most-used residential roads. Due to its rundown state, the town hall has launched a major renovation project that will take around three months to complete in an effort to improve road safety.

Councillor for Works Diego López described this road to La Mairena as "one of the most important arteries in the area, used by more than 15 buses every day and which numerous families with children in the local schools use as well as local residents, so it is a very necessary and in-demand project."

López said,"The work will be carried out between the Antonio Zarco and La Mairena roundabouts, where the road surface is in the worst shape and where tree roots have caused potholes and bumps that pose a risk to the safety of vehicles."

The councillor explained that the work, which is estimated to take three months to complete, will focus on resurfacing on three sections of the road, the elimination of potholes caused by tree roots, improvement of the road surface to make it less slippery and the installation of protective barriers.

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