Hands found near Marbella beach where Natalia’s mutilated body washed up after she was murdered by her partner

The grim discovery was made by a member of the public who alerted the Guardia Civil, whose GREA divers continue to search the area for the victim’s decapitated head



Tuesday, 17 January 2023, 19:11


A member of the public who was walking along the beach near Cabopino this Tuesday, 17 January, has found a hand in the sand. The man immediately notified the Guardia Civil, who were working a couple of kilometres away searching the area to locate the missing remains of Natalia, the 45-year-old Colombian woman murdered by her partner in Marbella. When checking the beach, after being alerted, the police officers found a second hand in the sand.

Although they are waiting for the forensic and DNA tests to confirm the find, everything points to the fact that both hands correspond to Natalia's corpse, since the confessed perpetrator of the crime acknowledged having dismembered her. Her body, decapitated and without hands, was found on Sunday, 8 January. Since then the police have continued to search for the mutilated remains of the woman, which the man claimed to have thrown into the sea with the remainder of the body.

The victim’s family, who had seen the videos of the dismembered body on the beach on social media networks, initially notified the police because they were convinced that it was Natalia, who had gone missing. The woman's brother's had told police that the ex-boyfriend had continued to pester Natalia, who he had been calling on the phone despite it being prohibited by a judge.

The following day, 9 January, the police officers arrested Natalia's ex-partner, also Colombian, who was also sentenced in December for mistreating her and had a restraining order issued against him.

Within 72 hours of being arrested, the man confessed to Natalia's murder. The police took him to the beach and there he recreated the steps he had taken. Now, the sea has returned some hands that presumably belong to the woman. But the GEAS divers of the Guardia Civil are still looking for her head.





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