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Second arrest as DNA tests seek to identify decapitated woman washed up in Marbella

Second arrest as DNA tests seek to identify decapitated woman washed up in Marbella

National Police have arrested a friend of the ex-partner of the missing woman, who was a victim of domestic violence


Wednesday, 11 January 2023, 17:57


National Police officers arrested a second person on Wednesday, 11 January, in connection with the disappearance of a 46-year-old woman of Colombian nationality in Marbella.

This second detainee is a friend of the missing woman's ex-partner, who remains in police custody after he was arrested on Monday.

The investigation, carried out by officers attached to the local judicial police of the Marbella Police Station, began last Sunday after a report was lodged about the disappearance of a woman, a victim of gender violence, by relatives.

Headless body washed up

Separately, Guardia Civil officers are investigating the circumstances of the death of a woman whose body was found on a beach in Marbella without her head or hands and with a wide cut on her abdomen.

The discovery was made at around 5pm on Sunday 8 January, when a group of customers at a restaurant located on the Marbesa residential development spotted what appeared to be the body of a person floating in the water.

On Sunday night, the National Police received a phone call from a person who had seen a video of the corpse on social media and said it could be their sister, based on her anatomy.

After contacting the Marbella police station, the family of the missing woman stated that she had received threats - over the phone - a few days earlier from her ex-partner, who had allegedly breached a restraining order following his arrest in mid-December.

DNA tests, which are still pending, will determine whether the two cases are related, as the family believes.

In the early hours of 9 January, the National Police set up an operation to locate the woman's ex-partner. The officers arrested the suspect, aged 45 and also of Colombian nationality, initially for allegedly breaking his restraining order.

The victim and the detainee had been in a relationship for about five months. At the end of November, she decided to end the relationship. Subsequently, she filed a complaint at the Marbella police station for an episode of domestic violence.

The proceedings have been declared secret by the Instruction Court number 5 of Marbella.

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