Corpse without head or hands washes up on a beach in Marbella

Corpse without head or hands washes up on a beach in Marbella

The macabre discovery was made this Sunday afternoon after restaurant diners spotted a body floating in the sea, which eventually carried it to the shore



Sunday, 8 January 2023, 20:34


Guardia Civil officers are investigating the circumstances of the death of a woman whose body has been found on a beach in Marbella without her head or hands. In addition, there was a wide cut on her abdomen.

The discovery was made at around 5pm this Sunday, 8 January, when a group of customers at a restaurant located on the Marbesa residential development spotted what appeared to be the body of a person floating in the water.

Eyewitnesses immediately alerted the National Police’s 091 incident room, which sent officers to the scene.

According to the ABC, the people who alerted the police expressed their intention to jump into the water to rescue the body, believing that it was someone who had drowned and could be rescued. However, they were advised against it due to a storm in the area.

When the police arrived at the scene, the sea had already washed up the body, or what remained of it, on the shore. Given the state of the corpse the judicial process was activated and the area was cordoned off to preserve possible evidence.

Although the National Police were alerted initially the investigation has fallen to the Guardia Civil since it has the powers to deal with incidents at sea.

Sources have highlighted the complexity of an investigation of this nature, given there are not even fingerprints or dental records to identify the victim. However, the first step will be, once an approximate date of death is established, to investigate the reports of disappearances.

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