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Four accomplices in two shocking Costa del Sol murders avoid jail

Four accomplices in two shocking Costa del Sol murders avoid jail

After originally facing 12 years in prison, Malaga's Provincial Court handed down sentences of less than two years on the condition that they do not reoffend in the next three years

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 14:53


Four accomplices involved in two shocking murders that rocked the Costa del Sol in 2018 have managed to get away with a prison sentence of less than two years after originally facing 12 years.

The first victim, Maradona, was shot dead after leaving his son's communion in San Pedro Alcántara. The second victim, Zocato, died some months later after being shot several times outside his home in Estepona. Of the eight people convicted in connection with both crimes, committed on the Costa del Sol in 2018, four of the accomplices managed to avoid prison.

The sentence handed down by the Provincial Court of Malaga, seen by SUR, agreed to suspend the 12-year prison sentence of three men and a woman following a plea deal, and handed down a one year, ten months and 15 days' jail term instead. The sentence, which was conditional that they do not reoffend in the next three years, considered that they had no previous convictions in Spain.

Two of them admitted during the trial that they went to Germany to pick up the motorbike which the murderer who killed Maradona used to flee the scene of the crime. The killer then travelled to Malaga in a van that was rented in Sweden. The two accomplices also stated that they knew the van was going to be used for "illicit activities".

The woman accomplice admitted that she was the one who made the reservation and purchase of the motorbike, also knowing that it would be used for an illicit purpose.

The fourth accomplice was the one who provided the information to make the booking for the rental of the vehicle, knowing what it would be used for, as well as helping to dispose of a bag with several devices used to monitor Zocato before his execution.

The perpetrator of the two murders was sentenced to twelve years in prison, as well as a fine for illegal possession of weapons. On the other hand, his three main collaborators received sentences of three years and eleven months, three and a half years, and two years and ten months.

Leaving church

The culprit of the two murders confessed that he killed Maradona on 12 May in 2018, after the victim left the Virgen del Rocío Church in San Pedro Alcántara where he had attended his son's communion. He took advantage of the moment when he was getting into his vehicle, accompanied by his family.

He approached him dressed in black and wearing a helmet, as Maradona was getting into his vehicle, and fired several shots which killed him instantly. He then got on a motorbike and fled to a house in Estepona, where he hid it. According to the accused, before the murder he had had "a strong argument" with the deceased.

As for the second victim, Zocato, the murderer said that he had serious disagreements and confrontations with him for personal reasons. Following this, in the early hours of 20 August in 2018, he rode his bicycle to his housing estate and hid behind some containers in front of his house.

He waited and until he came out of the house before firing numerous shots which killed him instantly. He then got on his bicycle and left the scene, threatening the security guards of the estate with the gun.

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