Fireworks were set off over the marina on Wednesday night. Josele
Fireworks kick off six days of fun at Marbella's San Bernabé fair

Fireworks kick off six days of fun at Marbella's San Bernabé fair

The festivities include concerts, parades, dancing and, for the first time in nine years, a bullfight in the town's remodelled bullring

David Lerma


Friday, 7 June 2024, 10:12


The Feria y Fiestas de San Bernabé got under way in Marbella on Wednesday night with the inauguration of the fairground archway, this year dedicated to the local branch of the Protección Civil organisation. The 'pregón', or opening speech, was given this year by Francisco Javier Vázquez, the local fashion designer who is behind the F de Frank label. Later the children and young people selected to be the fair queens and kings this year were crowned and crowds on the terraces of the marina were treated to a fireworks display.

For fairgoers who prefer daytime festivities, the Feria del Día kicked off on Thursday in La Alameda park and Avenida del Mar. Fair bars have been set up by religious brotherhoods, political parties and the media, among others.

From now until Tuesday 11 June, the day of San Bernabé itself, the rides on the fairground will be open from 7pm until 3am.

This year, for the first time in nine years, the San Bernabé programme of events includes a bullfight. The event, on Saturday evening, marks the reopening of the renovated Marbella bullring and the lineup of bullfighters consists of Morante de la Puebla, José M. Manzanares and Roca Rey.

The return of bullfighting to Marbella has angered animal rights activities. An online petition calling for Saturday's event to be stopped had attracted nearly 29,000 signatures from all over the world by Thursday afternoon.

The San Bernabé events come to an end on Tuesday 11 June, a public holiday in the municipality, when the image of the saint will be carried through the town. The procession will begin after a mass in the Encarnación church at 11am and make its way through the town centre.

The fair closes with a free concert by iconic Spanish group Camela in Avenida Ricardo Soriano from 9pm on Tuesday.

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