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Malaga's provincial authority allocates 12 million euros for road repairs in 2024, and this is where it will be spent

Malaga's provincial authority allocates 12 million euros for road repairs in 2024, and this is where it will be spent

After spending 17.5 million on improving 120 kms of roads in 2023, the Diputación is investing the new money in more asphalting, replacement of signage, and other works this year

Antonio M. Romero


Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 16:11


Last year, the Diputación, Malaga´s provincial authority carried out improvements to 120 kilometres of the provincial road network, which represents 14% of the 880 kilometres under the jurisdiction of the local authority. The work involved an investment of 17.5 million euros.

The head of the Diputación detailed the figures and works carried out during an appearance together with the first vice-president, Cristóbal Ortega, and the deputy for Development, Nieves Atencia to announce this year's budget.

Salado highlighted "the effort" being made in recent years to improve the road network, as the Diputación is aware "of the importance of maintaining it in excellent condition, despite being a complex and costly mission given the topography of our province". He stressed the importance of having a good road network to facilitate the movement of people between small towns and villages and to help new business initiatives and existing businesses in the inland areas, so that "this in turn results in the fight against depopulation".

"The benefits of this investment effort are evident, as it reduces times and journeys, improves road safety conditions for users and produces both a significant saving in fuel and a reduction in the pollution emitted," Salado asserted.

The Diputación's president said that the investment this year for road repair will be 12 million euros, of which 5.3 million euros will go to a new asphalting plan that will affect 13 roads and will develop projects of the Plan Vía-ble such as the repair of the road from La Parrilla to Archidona (105,178 euros).

The asphalting plan, worth five million euros, will permanently fix large deformations in the roadway, the amending of the road surface where necessary and the extension of a reinforcement layer based on hot asphalt concrete; to ensure better road safety, the horizontal signage on the edges of the road has been replaced; and on some of the roads, work has been carried out on sections of eroded earth ditches that needed to be repaired.

In the Axarquía area, nine roads are targeted with an amount of almost 2.5 million euros. The largest work will be carried out at MA-3108 (which connects Benamargosa and Cútar) with an investment of 641,339 euros.

In the Antequera area, works will be carried out on five roads with an investment of more than 1.5 million euros, which includes the MA-5406 from Humilladero to the connection with the A-384, in the area of Puerto Seco de Antequera and the Sana Ana railway station.

In the Guadalhorce Valley, more than one million euros will be invested in repair works on the MA-3402 and MA-3403 at Almogía. For works between Pastelero and Villanueva de la Concepción, 506,978 euros has been allocated.

Finally, in the Serranía de Ronda 335,000 euros has been invested to repair the road surface on the MA-7403 road (Arriate to Puerto del Monte). A second phase in the 2023 budget has an investment of 241,274 euros.

Via-ble Plan projects in progress or completed

In total, 4.4 million euros has been allocated to the Via-ble Plan for 13 new projects of which 12 are completed or in progress and two million euros have been invested in road conservation work of the provincial network.

Within the Vía-ble Plan, the Coín-Alozaina road was worked on, among other projects worth 2.8 million euros. And works are being carried out on the road to El Toril, which allows access to Igualeja from San Pedro Alcántara to be reduced by almost 15 minutes.

Other projects, that fall under the 2023 financial year, and which are close to being finished include the repair of roads between Cortes de la Frontera and El Colmenar; the improvement of the Camino Arroyo Cerezo, between Villanueva del Rosario and Antequera; the repair of the road that connects Cartaojal (Antequera) and Cuevas Bajas, which will reduce the route time by half. Also El Tabico, in Alhaurín de la Torre, and finally, the repair of the first section of the road between Genalguacil and Benarrabá.

In addition to the action of this plan, there were works to fix two roads that were affected by the Sierra Bermeja fire: a 20-kilometre section of the MA-8301 (Estepona-Jubrique) and nine kilometres from the MA-8302 (access to Genalguacil from Peñas Blancas). In total, these works have cost more than 2.4 million euros.

In the Guadalhorce Valley the repair of the MA-5401 road (El Burgo-Casarabonela) has been completed, which also serves as a connection to the Guadalhorce through the MA-5402, up to Ardales. The latest works, which cost 1,077,749 euros, have affected a section that is almost two kilometres long.

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