Young homeless man seriously injured after being stoned from a bridge as he slept

Young homeless man seriously injured after being stoned from a bridge as he slept

The 23-year-old victim was unconscious when found by emergency services and suffered convulsions en route to the hospital

Juan Cano

Thursday, 16 May 2024, 08:31


A young homeless man has suffered serious injuries after being struck on the head while sleeping under a bridge in Malaga city. The alleged attacker, aged 42, has been arrested.

The incident took place at around 3.30am last Friday morning. A Local Police patrol unit was driving along Avenida Aurora when a man stepped out asking for help.

He told them that he had been having problems with several homeless people in the area who, he claimed, were wanting to kill him. The man said that he had made two spears out of mop-handles and a kind of flail made out of a sock in which he had put a metal drinks can. He claimed they were only for self-defence.

At that moment, another individual came out of nowhere and started reprimanding the first man. When approached by the newcomer, the man carrying the sock as a flail lunged at him and tried to hit him in the face.

Upon seeing the scene that was unfolding, the police officers got out of their vehicle to break up the fight. The second subject then told the officers that the man carrying the weapons had threatened the homeless people there and had even thrown a large rock at a tent that he and a friend had pitched under the bridge to spend the night.

Just then a second patrol car arrived on the scene. The officers left the two men with this unit and went down to have a look at the foot of the bridge, about 10 metres above ground. On looking inside the tent, the local policemen found the 23-year-old man of North African origin bleeding profusely and convulsing

An ambulance was immediately called to extract the victim as a matter of urgency. By then he had also lost consciousness. His injuries were serious. Next to the tent, they found a broken paving stone, which was removed as forensic evidence.

In the end, the first of those involved - the weapons-carrying man who called for help and stopped the patrol car - was arrested as a suspect in the assault, which was classed as attempted murder.

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