With fines of up to 3,000 euros, this is what is banned on Malaga city's beaches
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With fines of up to 3,000 euros, this is what is banned on Malaga city's beaches

The municipal regulation which sets out what is and isn't allowed dates back to 2004, but many beachgoers are still unaware of the penalties they risk daily

Ester Requena


Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 21:19

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The regulations have been in force for 20 years, but it is still common to see people on the beaches of Malaga city playing bat and ball games, playing loud music or bringing their pets. These are all prohibited, along with many other things, set out in the municipality of Malaga's beach order, which has been in force since 16 July 2004. And beware, because fines range from 300 to 3,000 euros.

The maximum fines can be issued for "activities, games or exercises that may disturb other users", including the use of balls or bats. Only on beaches where the size of the beach allows it, they can be used, but only if they do not disturb other users and there is a minimum distance of six metres.

Shampoo or gel must not be used in the showers or in the sea water. Nor may you clean kitchen utensils in the showers, footbaths or toilets. The fine could also be up to 3,000 euros. Beachgoers are only allowed to urinate in the toilets, and not in the sea or on the sand.

It is also forbidden to play loud music or sounds which can be a nuisance to other users. It is also forbidden to light fires directly on the sand, stones or rocks, and no cooking is allowed.

Outside the dog beach areas, pets are strictly forbidden in the water and bathing area, except for guide dogs. Malaga also prohibits fishing from the shore and underwater fishing from 10am to 9pm. However, in areas that are not considered bathing areas, fishing is permitted without any time or hour limitation. Fines are also up to 3,000 euros.

It is also forbidden to camp on the beach and sell any foods such as sandwiches, drinks, snacks, sweets or seeds.

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